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Unique technologies that reduce hospital acquited infections and improve profits.

Leisure & Hospitality

»  Increase guest safety and reduce energy cost.

Gaming Resorts - Casino

Prevent COVID on surfaces and in the air.

Education - Classrooms

»  Prevent COVID infections in the classroom and on buses.

About Us

Group Analysis Technology Solutions is a global systems integrator to the water treatment industry. We craft the best in class technology in water management, systems monitoring and control, and purification from a myriad of water sources from the point of entry, optimized for each use and to the point of dispense. GATS is not only a solutions provider, but also is a cadre of talent, scientists, engineers, software developers, and professionals assembling these “pieces” and customizing the fit to our global customers on an application by application basis. We provide customized systemic and evidenced based management of safe facilities water. We are rooted on evidence based scientific research and are balanced with best practices of economic merit including water and energy sustainability and feasibility in every facility and application.

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